Housing Loss and Discrimination: The Impact of Evictions on Communities of Color - Shared screen with speaker view
Betina Wilkinson
For more information about RIPI, please check out ripi.wfu.edu
Betina Wilkinson
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Kathryn Sabbeth
amazing video!
Dan Rose
Housing Justice Now Court Watch Training TONIGHT at 6PM!Zoom ID: 829 4360 0589Password: 545662
Kathryn Sabbeth
If anyone is closer to Durham, Durham CAN is also signing people up for court watching
Brittany Battle (she/her)
Housing Justice Now petition: bit.ly/Right2Counsel
Brittany Battle (she/her)
Adolfo, judgement for possession was ordered June 2021 in this case
Mir Yarfitz
Related to the case Dr. Battle concluded with, if there are any bilingual Spanish speakers here interested in volunteering with Court Watch, there can be opportunities to informally translate (some are rescheduled to a particular day when a court interpreter is available, though the environment is not particularly accessible)
Brittany Battle (she/her)
Brittany Battle (she/her)
Adolfo, the woman was eventually sent to "translator court" for a later hearing and was connected with Legal Aid for support
Alveria Dove-Ali
Her story is so familiar/similar to far, far, far too many families her in W-S/FC .The apartment complex that my family and I currently reside have placed more time and money in repairing a single apartment next door to me than they have to take action on numerous maintenance issues within my home for the past 3-years. All landlords care about is getting PAID!
Kathryn Sabbeth
@MirYarfitz Just to follow the point about needing interpreters in court, if interpreters are not provided to tenants, that is a violation of federal law. DOJ investigated NC Administrative Office of the Courts over this, which is why there are now some more interpreters in our courts, though still not nearly enough. If there is an audience members who wants to get involved in the moment, they may want to speak up about the obligation of the court to provide an interpreter. The case should NOT go forward unless the court provides a certified interpreter. A lot of judges don't know that and they expect family members and others to volunteer, and I understand it's hard to fight back, but it's not right and not legal.
Sherri Lawson Clark
Thank you Kathryn Sabbath for your comments. Your expertise is greatly appreciated.
Pamela Haynes
I live in a rental house near the Truiest Stadium and my rent went up in Jan. and Aug. $125.00
Kathryn Sabbeth
Dr. Clark (and others) I'd be more than happy to provide legal sources and support in the future if of interest
Helen Matthews
Similar research on the systemic racism of eviction patterns pre- and during Covid is happening in Boston, FYI; you can download “Evictions in Boston: The Disproportionate Effects of Forced Moves on Communities of Color” at https://www.bostonevictions.org. This Tuesday, a follow-up report called “Housing Justice Is The Cure: Evictions in Boston’s Communities of Color during Covid-19” will be available at https://covidevictions.org.
Debbie Walker
someone asked for info as to how to donate to Equal Justice Now.
Brittany Battle (she/her)
you can email housingjusticenowws@gmail.com for information on donations
Kathryn Sabbeth
@Prof. Rose It's really great you got the money directly to the tenants. As you know, the Treasury Dept has issued guidelines mandating this but it still varies by county. In Durham they won't do it.
Kathryn Sabbeth
I think Allyson Gold in WFU Law is setting up a program to have pro bono law students help with ERAP
Dan Rose
Because the donation sites all take a cut, the most effective way to donate is by sending a check to "Housing Justice Now". If you're able, here is the address:Housing Justice NowPO Box 26712Winston-Salem, NC 27114However, if you would rather donate electronically, you can find us on PayPal by searching for the email address winstonsalemdsa@gmail.com. Please note with your donation that you'd like to go to "Housing Justice Now".
Sherri Lawson Clark
Helen Matthews
Thank you all so much for sharing your insights and wisdom.
Linda Winikoff
Thank you all for your work and for keeping us informed.
Kathryn Sabbeth
Yes, thanks for a fantastic set of presentations!